Who we are

Financial Action and Advice Derbyshire is a merger of two previous networks; Financial Inclusion Derbyshire and Advice Derbyshire. A new steering group has been established with representation from both networks to build on the success of the past strategies and establish the future direction.

A conference in December 2013 brought together people from both networks to seek views and guide the development of a new Strategic Action Plan which was agreed by the Steering Group in March 2014.

The aim of the partnership is "Taking action and giving advice to enable Derbyshire people to have enough to live on" by:

  • Campaigning to provide a voice for those experiencing or at risk of financial exclusion
  • Empowering people to manage their finances through training and work that will help prevent unmanageable debt
  • Ensuring that the most vulnerable people are helped
  • Finding out what works and rolling out successful project
  • Helping people to access and increase income

We believe that tackling final exclusion needs a partnership approach focusing on three key areas;

  • Improving access to financial products and services
  • Improving skills in money management
  • Helping people and communities to be more resilient

Our members are:

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